Foreigner Loan

Foreigner LoanRegardless of whether you are just looking for some cash boost between pay days, or whether you are in a pressing emergency cash situation, a foreigner loan lender is the best option to approach if you are currently working in Singapore. These lenders understand the feeling of running out of cash in a foreign land. They, therefore, know how to make you feel at ease, while also giving you the best deal to help you out of your financial dilemma.

A variety of options

The best lenders offer you a number of options to ensure that you are very comfortable with the deal you close with them. They also do not have any hidden charges, and they do not take you through a painful loan application process just because you are a foreigner. Instead, they offer you a very easy, simple and straight-forward process from start to finish.

Few Documents

In order to qualify for these foreigner loans, you need to have the required documents. These include a passport or identification document, a work permit, a letter of employment, a rental agreement or a paycheck. Different lenders will request for different documents from this list, with most only requiring a proof of identity and a proof of income.

Speed of process

Unlike bank loan processes, payday lenders have a seamless loan application process that is easy and fast. You apply for the foreigner loan online and in a few hours, you will be notified by our loan officers to make a trip down to our office to complete the loan application process. Once approved, the loan is processed and upon signing of the loan agreement by both parties, and you can collect the cash on the spot and resolve your crisis.

Here is the bottom line; if you are looking for some quick cash to help resolve an emergency financial situation while on your visit to Singapore, all you need to do is find a reliable and reputable foreigner loan lender in Singapore and your worries will be gone. AP Credit is one of the top choices of money lender in Singapore who will advance you some cash, enough to allow you to wait for your next pay day. Click here to apply for a loan now.

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